Edinburgh Linux Users Group: ONLINE | Everyone loves a sausage: Running your own public cloud platform

This month, Nick Jones will be giving us a talk on his bunker server farm, "Sausage Cloud!"

"From hosting QuakeWorld servers in the late 90s to running my own public cloud platform today, Linux and other free Unix-like operating systems have always empowered me to run my own services. In this talk I’ll cover a bit of history - what it took to run Infrastructure-as-a-Service in the early 2000s versus today - and why someone might be crazy enough to continue do such a thing.

"I’ll also cover the deployment specifics of this relatively small cloud platform that I run as a hobby project, using spare hardware cobbled together from various places, lashed together with Linux.”

To do this, we will use the hosted edition of Jitsi Meet, an open source web conferencing solution. Currently it has problems with Firefox unfortunately [1] so could participants please use Chromium, or Chrome, to connect, otherwise the meeting could be degraded for everybody...


19:00 - meet online: meet.jit.si (using Chromium/Chrome please [1])
19:15 - start talk
20:00 - closing notes. Q&A roundtable

The Q&A session allows online attendees to ask questions about Linux, Open Source, recommendations, etc; and any member can answer or chip in.

[1]: github.com

to (Europe/London time)

More details and tickets: www.meetup.com

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More Information

We are a not-for-profit group based in Edinburgh. We aim to promote the use of Linux, other Open Source tools and provide user help in a convivial setting, through talks, demos and related volunteer-led activities.

Meetings are held monthly except in August due to the festival.

For more details view our website at edlug.gitlab.io

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