React Edinburgh - February 2020

Welcome back! Are you enjoying 2020 so far? Let's get together, so we can all share what we have been up to recently. Oh, we might have two talks too :-)

► Agenda 📅

🍕 6:00pm - 7:00pm: Pizza, beer/wine/water and networking

🎤 7:00pm: Becoming an accessibility-focused developer by Suzanne Aitchison

🎤 7:40pm: Building an SEO-savvy project with GatsbyJS by Marta Dabrowka

🍻Drinks - Lebowskis Pub -


► Venue security 👮
All attendees need to provide their full names in advance. Also, you will need to bring some form of photo ID to show on the day - something like a passport, driving licence, or work ID would be grand.

► Recording 🎥
The event will be recorded. Let the organisers know, if you don't want to be included in the pictures or videos. Some of them will be used on our social media channels.

► Sponsors

Lloyds Bank

biggles at large

► The Talks 🎤

👉Talk 1: Becoming an accessibility-focused developer by Suzanne Aitchison

In a sector where we're encouraged to "move fast and break things", how can we make sure accessibility isn't overlooked or thrown in the backlog for "later"? This talk looks at how we, as developers, can start placing accessibility at the heart of every piece of code we push to review.

I'll take you through some starting principles, key tools, quick-win refactoring priorities, and everyday practices for verifying your code in the browser.

Suzanne is a software developer passionate about creating accessible web experiences. She is the creator and maintainer of Up Your A11y, a web accessibility resource aimed primarily at React developers.

Currently working for Nucleus Financial, she has a wide range of experience with national brands such as the BBC and Sainsbury's Bank.

Twitter: @s_aitchison

👉Talk 2: Building an SEO-savvy project with GatsbyJS by Marta Dabrowka

Optimising your website for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) from can be a tricky challenge for a newbie. Now try doing it for 30 000-odd pages.

Enter GatsbyJS.

In this talk I will walk you through key technical SEO concepts, why they are important, and how to use React + GatsbyJS stack to implement them in a project.

Marta is a software engineer currently working with React and Ruby on Rails. She helps organise React.Edinburgh meet up and is passionate about making it a welcoming space for first time speakers.

Twitter: @martadabrowka

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