Open Rights Group Glasgow: Dine on Data & The War on Democracy with Adam Ramsay, Co-Editor of OpenDemocracy [DELETED]

This event has been deleted!

How far do the tentacles of corrupt offshore money reach? What implications do they have in our accurate and balanced understanding of the world around us? How does that impact on our democracy and freedom?

Please join ORG Glasgow for thought provoking talks and scintillating conversations over dinner with Adam Ramsay, co-editor of OpenDemocracy UK, as he discusses his investigations into the dark world of the offshore far right and their war on democracy. His investigative journalism has covered areas such as Dark Money, Cambridge Analytica Scandal, European Super PACs, Oligarchs, Surveillance Capitalism, Fake News and Corrosion of British Democracy.

Dinner is a 3-course meal including tea and coffee.

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If you are interested in data rights, democracy, human rights, politics and great conversation over delicious food, then we look forward to breaking bread and chatting with you at our first ORG Glasgow dinner.

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Glasgow chapter of Open Rights Group. Open Rights Group is the UK’s leading voice defending freedom of expression, privacy, innovation, creativity and consumer rights on the Internet. ORG is a member organisation of European Digital Rights (EDRi).

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