Hebden Bridge

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  • Wuthering Bytes will kick off on September 1, with Festival Day taking place in Hebden Bridge Town Hall. The opening keynote will be delivered by Dr David Hartley and will explore some of the pivotal developments in the history of computing, including the role of the people behind the machines – from Maurice Wilkes and Max Newman to Alan Turing.

    Other Festival Day speakers will include Dr Suzie Sheehy, Accelerator Physicist; Kevin Murrell, co-founder of The National Museum of Computing; Ian Drysdale, product manager at Co-op Digital; David Allen, series producer at the BBC Computer Literacy Project; and Jennifer Arcuri, CEO & Founder of Hacker House.

    Talks will cover an incredibly vast selection of topics including the future of communications technology, the BBC Computer Literacy project — which gave birth to the BBC Micro — the secrets of particle accelerators, the Internet of vulnerabilities, the world’s oldest functioning computer and spacecraft thermal engineering. Dr Laura...

  • Open Source Hardware Camp 2017 will take place place in the Pennine town of Hebden Bridge. For the fifth year running it is being hosted as part of the Wuthering Bytes technology festival.

    Hebden Bridge is approximately 1 hour by rail from Leeds and Manchester. Budget accommodation is available at the Hebden Bridge Hostel which adjoins the venue, with private rooms available and discounts for group bookings. Details of other local accommodation can be found at www.hebdenbridge.co.uk.

    There will be ten talks in total, including an introduction to RISC-V, a Free and Open RISC-V, artificial intelligence and Machine learning for embedded systems, and some unique insights into the development of the micro:bit!

    On the Sunday there will be six workshops, including a hands-on intro to Digilent OpenScope MZ and Waveforms Live, a Robot Operating System (ROS) workshop, and an introduction to NetBSD on embedded systems.

    For further details see the event page on oshug.org.