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  • If you’re less than 19 years old and interested in learning to code, or already know how and want to go even further, you’re in the right place! Computers let you create anything you can think of. Prewired is here to help enthusiastic young coders of any ability to do just that.
    Prewired provides an unstructured but supportive environment for under 19s to explore and learn about computer programming and related topics. We have mentors from university and industry with a wide variety of skills who volunteer their time because they love to teach young people about computing.
    Prewired is also a place for young people to meet peers with shared interests which they can develop together. For some, it can be difficult to interest friends and family in computing, which may lead to a feeling of isolation. It can be hard to figure out where to go next when there’s no-one you can ask. We want to let young people know that there’s a huge community of like-minded people who are waiting to welcom...