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  • ORG Brighton is hosting an evening of talks all about the proposed changes to the Espionage Act.

    What has the Law Commission proposed?

    The changes to the Espionage, or Official Secrets, Act proposed by the Law Commission dramatically increase penalties for whistleblowers and journalists that expose wrong doing and law breaking within government.

    Not only this but those accused wouldn't be able to argue as their defence that their actions were in the public interest.

    Read more about the proposals on ORG's website and from the Law Commission directly.

    Who's speaking?

    ORG's Policy Director Javier Ruiz Diaz will be joining us to talk over the proposals and their implications. We are working to confirm additional speakers to provide a journalist's/whistleblower's perspective.

    How can I make a difference?

    The Law Commission is currently holding an open public consultation on the proposals. The consultation will run until 3rd May so make sure to lobby your MP or write to the law Commi...