BCS Edinburgh: Transform your meetings from pointless to productive [DELETED]

This event has been deleted! It is a duplicate of BCS Edinburgh: Transform your meetings from pointless to productive.

“Meetings are pointless”, “We have too many meetings”, “Meetings get in the way of real work.” Sound familiar? These are some of the responses received through a survey of 160+ IT professionals when asked: “what is the most common complaint you hear from teams about meetings?”.

These quotes are symptoms caused by a typical anti-pattern that teams fall into; going through the motions of a meeting and not feeling any value. However, all is not lost, this problem can be solved by gaining an awareness and developing your skills in facilitation.

This workshop has been crafted from the survey data to help solve the biggest meeting problems facing Teams today. Come learn how to support your teams to do their best thinking and feel achievement in meetings.

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The monthly meeting of the Edinburgh branch of the BCS is open to the public, free of charge, no registration needed.

Professional Awareness Courses are priced to be affordable to all.