CodeCraft Book Club

For our February event, we are holding our now annual Book Club meetup. Bring along something that you want to tell others about in the realm of software, work, or a related field.

The text can be any length or format – a book, news article, or a blogpost (or even a podcast!). We recommend that the chosen texts are non-fiction as it keeps the conversations more grounded.

Our aim is to encourage everyone to share ideas that have inspired them, and hopefully help with narrowing down worthy reads to put on your 2020 reading list.

The format will be talking about your chosen text in small groups, and changing those groups after a while so you get to hear what everyone has to say.

Code of Conduct:

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About CodeCraft

We are a software crafters meetup. We discuss, demonstrate and debate how to write well-structured, malleable software.

While we respect and encourage lean agile methodolgies, we are here to discuss the craft of developing software, not managing the process around development.

Our events are on the 3rd Thursday of every month, but we encourage you to follow us on Twitter to find out about changes to dates, venues, or additional events.