Scotland Open Source Users Meetups: Open source licenses and Enterprise adoption

There are many Open Source licenses out there, with as many different models of permissiveness or requirements; most notably, the GNU licenses, alongside the MIT, BSD and Apache licenses as the most common. This poses a question for companies as to what can be used in what contexts, and the many differences lead some companies to shun Open Source licenses altogether.

In this session, we will cover a brief overview of the notable features of the most popular licenses in the form of a talk; and then lead into an open discussion with everybody as to the preferences, concerns and implications of adopting the various licenses.


6:30 Arrive, pizza, meet and greet
7:00 Overview presentation of licenses
7:30 Open discussion on the topic, Q&A
8:30 Wrap up, decamp to nearby pub to continue discussions and socialise

Many thanks to Scott Logic for hosting and sponsoring this event !

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More Information

The Scotland Open Source Users Meetups (OSUM) aim to bring people in Scotland together around Free and Open Source Software ("FOSS"), with a focus on helping discover projects; discuss the impact FOSS has on our industry; and explore ways to support and promote a healthy open source ecosystem.

These meetups will be a combination of talks & demonstrations about all aspects of open source and how it can be incorporated into your day to day activities. There will be topics and activities for all levels of immersion; including workshops and demos of OSS; discussions & announcements on what’s going on in the world of open source (new tech, changes in licenses ...); debates on open source principles and practices; and how to support and manage online communities & projects etc.

Scotland OSUM is also keen to help raise awareness of other meetups that have a focus on discussing and advocating for Open Source and Free Software. If you are organising one for your town, do get in touch, here on on Twitter via @ScotlandOSUM !

WIP: We are still getting set up with the events and venues, so if you have any interesting talks/topics or you know of fellow OS advocates that would want a platform to voice how much they love open source then feel free to contact us :D