Defcon Edinburgh (DC44131): Obfuscating PDF Malware

"Obfuscating PDF Malware: How I “nearly” created a FUD" by Jonathan Ross (@JohDJRoss)

Everyone and their dog is aware of macro based malware nowadays, but not all know that PDFs can also contain malicious payloads and be used to execute them. Although many anti-virus systems can detect malicious PDFs, basic obfuscation techniques can be applied to fool even the crème de la crème of these systems. In this talk I will discuss the fundamentals of PDFs, how several obfuscation techniques work, how they can be implemented, and their effectiveness (or lack thereof) at evading anti-virus systems.

Jonathan Ross is a 4th Year Ethical Hacking Student at Abertay University and intern cyber security consultant. His interests include offensive security and anti-phishing.

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