Open Rights Group Norwich: Talk on Threats to Civil Liberties & Digital Rights: Counter-Terrorism Bill & use of IMSI-catchers by the state

We're lucky to have Zehrah Hasan of Liberty to talk on fighting the double threat to civil liberties & digital rights posed by the Counter-Terrorism & Border Security Bill, which contains proposals to criminalise watching online content "likely to be useful for terrorist purposes" even if the content is viewed with no terrorist intent. The offence would carru a prison sentence of up to 15 years. IMSI catchers are used by police to extract personal information from your mobile phone while you're attending a public event, eg festival, demonstration. Some IMSI-catchers can also intercept data. Zehrah will discuss Liberty's campaign to have the police's use of IMSI-catchers (& other surveillance technology) clearly defined in law and put under proper oversight.

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