Open Rights Group Bristol: Digital surveillance, policing, and the law

What are your digital rights under the law? How can we challenge surveillance by the police and corporations? We have two expert speakers to talk about recent developments.

Dan Carey is a solicitor at Deighton Pierce Glynn in Bristol who represents Open Rights Group in its challenge to mass surveillance at the European Court of Human Rights and has acted for Privacy International and private individuals in relation to surveillance and data protection issues. He will ask what the law can do to protect us against new surveillance tech, including our rights under the GDPR.

Millie Graham Wood is a solicitor at Privacy International. Privacy International works around the world on issues relating to surveillance, data protection and data exploitation. In the UK they are responsible for ground-breaking challenges against the intelligence agencies in relation to mass surveillance practices and increasingly are looking at the use of new technologies by the police and other state actors. A recent report 'Digital Stop and Search' exposed the use of mobile phone extraction technologies which has taken place in secret since 2012.

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