Scottish PowerShell & Devops User Group

7.00pm - Introduction and News

7.15pm - RTFM - Runtime Type Fiddling for the Masses by Mathias Jessen (@iisresetme)
"One of PowerShell’s core strength comes from the Extended Type System, which allows users to seamlessly interact with different data types like .NET, WMI, COM, XML etc. But what about the underlying type system, that of .NET? Let’s take an adventure into the Common Type System and see what we can do to overcome some of the limitations imposed by ETS and PowerShell"

8.15pm - Break

8.20pm - All About PowerShell ScriptAnalyzer by Chris Bermeister (@ChristophBergm) (PSScriptAnalyzer Community Maintainer)
9.30pm - Thank You's

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A group for anyone interested in PowerShell and Devops (sometimes called WinOps). We focus on any technology with a use for PowerShell including full .NET PowerShell, PowerShell Core (on Linux or Mac OSX), DSC, SQL, Azure and anything else you can think of. If it works with PowerShell it works for us.

Whatever level you are at with PowerShell or related technologies you are very welcome. The group has members with all skills levels so you will find something here for you.

To keep up to date on more information on the group you will receive notifications from the Meetup page. But you can also find more information at, @ScotPSUG Twitter feed ( and Facebook (

Code of Conduct:
Common sense is applied. Be respectful. Be helpful. And understand that the group has members of all skill levels and there is no such thing as a 'stupid question'.