Girl Geek Scotland+ Legal Hackers Scotland: HackChain17 (Hackathon)

Brought to you by Girl Geek Scotland and Legal Hackers Scotland in partnership with ScotChain17.

Blockchain is an area of rapid growth globally, with a number of start-ups in blockchain flourishing in Scotland. We're thrilled to be hosting HackChain17, Scotland's 1st blockchain hackathon, in partnership with Scotland's leading blockchain conference, and we hope you will sign up and get involved.

The hackathon winners will have the opportunity to present their solution on-stage at the high-profile ScotChain17 conference, attended widely by industry leaders, investors and technical experts.

The event is open to all (must be 18+ years), and there will be some optional workshops running before the hackathon if you are interested in learning more about blockchain development. Details will be posted on the Girl Geek Scotland website soon.

Challenge Areas:

(See the HackChain17 website for further details on challenges)

Code of Conduct:

to (Europe/London time)

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