TechMeetup Glasgow

Two talks with a functional programming theme tonight.

Jeremy Singer with "A non-intimidating introduction to Haskell"

"Which programming language was invented in Glasgow? Any guesses? .... it's the functional programming language called Haskell. The Haskell language is all over the place - used at major tech companies like Microsoft and Facebook, as well as big finance corps like Barclays."


John Sutherland with "Programming with (almost) nothing"

"This talk will be one, or both of the following: a rather silly introduction to Lambda Calculus by writing FizzBuzz in Javascript using only single–argument functions, and/or: a study of the minimalist functional–programmer’s mind."

Thanks to our sponsors Cultivate, SkyScanner and Glasgow University for making the event possible.

Send any questions to either @KevinBrolly or @wattid
The event starts at 6:30pm on the 5th Floor, 18 Lilybank Gardens, Glasgow University, G12 8QQ

to (Europe/London time)

Attending: kevinbrolly

Maybe attending: 1 person.

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