Defcon Edinburgh (DC44131): February Meet: How I did not Solve the SANS 2015 Holiday Hack Challenge

How I did not Solve the SANS 2015 Holiday Hack Challenge, by Lex Sobrinho

SANS have been running hack challenges for a number of years. Each challenge is designed for both, experts and beginners. Sometimes, in contexts where learning is the main focus, understanding the thought-process can be more beneficial than arriving at the results: beginners get exposure to how more advanced users solve these challenges, whilst more advanced geeks get to compare their thought-processes to others'; hopefully learning something new.

As 2015 was my very first live hack competition, rather than simply giving the answers to the challenge, I wanted to share my experience with trying-and-failing before each stage of the challenge, until arriving at the desired result. My intentions are to encourage beginners to take part in these challenges, and to gain insight on how more advanced users would solve the same or a different problem. This talk is delivered for the absolute beginner to follow, whilst still (hopefully) keeping the experts slightly entertained.

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