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It is June, we think it's meant to be the summer, well there was that one week of sun a wee while ago, there is still hope!

Don't worry, if you need to start shopping early for an autumn/winter wardrobe there is always online shopping.

Are you wondering what the best tool is for building a modern e-commerce site? Then come watch this months video - "Sylius: Something For Everyone by Adam Elsodaney (Inviqa)"

Sylius is a modern full-stack e-commerce web application built on the Symfony standard edition. Developed using BDD methodology, it provides a clean architecture and greater flexibility through decoupling the plaform into separate components and bundles. That means it's not just a web application, it is also a library of different tools; You don't need to have an e-commerce project, or even use Symfony to able to benefit from Sylius. Sylius is also format-agnostic, so you can "bring your own frontend".

This video will walk through most of the 37 bundles and 30 components in Sylius and how they can be used in any project. This video will be of interest to those who dislike reinventing the wheel - or love Symfony and dislike Magento.

Starting and focusing on the most important of all - Resource and ResourceBundle - which attempts to eliminate the tediousness of creating new models where you'd normally have to configure with Doctrine, then you have to create the forms, then the controller CRUD operations, then the routing, the REST API, validation, translations, etc, etc... yet at the same time eliminates the pain from using admin generators that have little flexibility and add more complexity unnecessarily.

Other bundles and components of focus in the video will be Product, FlowBundle, Storage, Report, Registry, Archetype, Taxonomy and Addressing.

The video will also go through the conventions adopted and created to aid the development of Sylius and how they can be also suited to other projects.

Come watch the pre-recorded video of the talk with us with beer an pizza, hope to see you there!


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