edPUG - Edinburgh PHP User Group: edPUG Tuesday 19th April 2016: How I learned to stop worrying and love Regex

Whether you love them or hate them, as a PHP developer, you will encounter regular expressions in all kinds of places.

We're lucky to now have the PHP UK Conference 2016 vides available to watch, so why don't you, like Jordi Boggiano, learn to stop worrying and love Regex!

Let's watch the video together with some beer and pizza, then discuss the best and worst regular expressions we've written or encountered!

This video will cover Regular Expressions from the basics to the darkest corners of this arcane art. Regular Expressions at the core come in handy to achieve validation and text manipulation tasks. In the day to day life of a developer, becoming comfortable with them opens up many more use cases. As one of the tortured souls that actually enjoys writing - and reading - regexes, Jordi will share his passion so that you too can see there is no reason to worry.

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Meets every 3rd Tuesday of the month for small talks, watching talks/slideshows and discussing.

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