PHP Belfast: ZeroMQ & Symfony demos + PHP By The Book

It's 3 Talks Thursday!


Talk 1 - ZeroMQ

Message queues are great for offloading the work that doesn't need to be carried out by your application right away. This enables you to respond to your users faster and protect your server from excessive load. In this talk, Roger Simms will demonstrate one such message queue system called ZeroMQ  or ØMQ

You may not realise it, but most apps could take advantage of implementing a queue somewhere, whether it's for sending susbcriber alerts,  image resizing or video format conversion & processing, we all do something that can be handed off to a background process.

Talk 2 - PHP, By The Book

Like most tech, the world of PHP has moved pretty fast. In this short talk we take a look back at the textbooks that helped launch some of our early careers, how some of that advice still holds true but so much of it is really bad advice. 

Although tongue in cheek, this talk by Ryan Kilfedder senior developer at Learning Pool, highlights the dangers of ease of access to out-of-date information for the new developer.

Talk 3 - Symfony Demonstration

Symfony is quite possibly the granddaddy of the PHP frameworks, it's components are tucked under the hood of so many other systems, applications, frameworks and micro-frameworks; and although version 3 is still not out, it's 10years old this year.

Symfony sets also the standards in terms of PHP development practices. In this talk, Stephen McAuley from BRS Golf will give a run through of the Official Symfony bests practice derived demo app and show you just how easy it is to get up and running with a full stack framework.

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