PHP Belfast: PPI Framework Talk and Introductinon to Docker talk.

PPI Framework Engine - Paul Dragoonis

The PPI Framework Engine is the next evolution of framework development. Why limit yourself to just one framework when you can very easily use parts of many, to create something truely unique! PPI is the practical side of the PHP-FIG (PSR) standards and will show you how it's defining the future of application development. Paul will be showing off the brand new PPI Framework Engine, and you will most definitely want to come along to see how PPI will put you in the driving seat, allowing you to easily consume the PHP eco-system into your project.

Paul, a full-stack software consultant from Glasgow, Scotland, is a long-term php community member whom spends his time mentoring fellow PHP'ers, contributing to PHP internals, extensions and the website.

He is the lead developer of PPI, where he focuses on framework interoperability and multi-framework co-operation. Since PPI and PHP-FIG share a common goal, he focuses his time maintaining & participating in the PHP-FIG group to help drive PHP-FIG forward and uses PPI to help drive PHP-FIG standards forward.

Docker - Paddy Carey
A very highly anticipated and requested talk brought to you by local speaker Paddy Carey (@paddycarey) who will give us an explanation of how to get to grips with Docker.
- How does this container led approach to your environment work in development and in production?
- How do you leverage it to spin up a new instance of your app with a new provider
- Why bother with it at all?

Paddy is here to answer these questions and more.

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