edPUG - Edinburgh PHP User Group: edPUG Tuesday 19th May 2015: edPUG.tv - convert to Hack / Grasp SOLID

It's May, Star Wars Day has passed, so the second coolest date in the May calendar surely has to be edPUG!

Glasgow PHP have secured an excellent talk by Josh Watzman, but since once person can't be in two different places at the same time (unless they follow the rules of quantum mechanics) we thought we'd do the next best thing, and show Josh's Video "Convert Your PHP Code to Hack", which he presented at a Hack Dev Day.

Since this video is only 30 minutes long, we're following up with another excellent must watch video - "Anthony Ferrara - Don't be STUPID, Grasp SOLID".

"When it comes to Object Oriented Programming, there is no shortage of guidelines and principles for how to properly design an OO system. There is also no shortage of acronyms to describe these principles: DRY, SRP, LSP, LoD, ISP, OCP, etc. However, there are two acronyms that really shine through to describe how to, and how not to do OOP well. The two acronyms are SOLID and STUPID (respectively)."

As usual drinks and pizza on the night, hope to see you there!


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