Exeter Web meetup: February 2015 Meetup

We hope you all had a fantastic festive holiday, but now it's time to get back to work and that means we're back with Exeter's bi-monthly web & tech meetup!

This year we're kicking off our 2015 programme on Thursday February 26th, with our winning combination of 3 lightning talks and an evening of networking/catch-up at the City Gate pub.

#1 "Steal This: Sales Copywriting Ideas to Make Your Email Stand Out" - Eric Moeller of @copydojo

#2 "VATMOSS - your questions answered" - James Banks of Spire Accountants

#3 "Redis - the open source Key/Value store" - John Nye (@john_nye) of Crowdcube

Join us for what promises to be a fantastic night!


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A bit monthly meetup for developers and web people in the south west.