Product Forge: Robotics + Care Mashup

Hosted by Product Forge & the The Open Ambient Assisted Living project, part of the Heriot-Watt National Robotarium, the Robotics + Care Mashup will bring together academics, care providers and technologists to develop solutions for assisted living.

Get immersed in a real product development process over the course of a week, with delegates from all around the country. You'll own everything you develop and set your own metrics for success. Whether your goal is to develop your skills, solve a specific challenge, find a future collaborator, or simply meet like minded people - please get on board!

Explore the use of emerging technology including cloud, robotic and the internet of things equipped with machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. These can be used to enable non-intrusive monitoring of behaviour and vital signs, detect patterns and trends in behaviour and individual health status, identify problems, support self-management, decision-making and risk assessment, triage issues, facilitate communication and social connectedness, and provide social, cognitive and physical assistance when needed.

We'll be hosting produce development sessions and workshops from companies providing technical support, including APIs and sensor kits, as well as exploring topics such as ethics and cybersecurity.

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