Lean Agile Edinburgh: Building Trust - where do you start?

As part of the Agile20Reflect festival and in support of charity Venture Scotland, LAE sponsors, Calba, are running a virtual Building Trust session.

The festival is a month of free virtual events around the globe, celebrating 20 years since the Agile Manifesto was published.


In any team, group or organisation aspiring to be agile, a vital ingredient to being successful is trust. It is a cornerstone to creating psychologically safe environments.

There is much said about needing trust, but where do you start with building trust?

In this interactive session you will learn a simple and powerful approach to start understanding and building trust within teams, organisations, and with others.

The session will be held via Zoom.us with interaction using breakout rooms, chat and miro.com. Where possible, participants are encouraged to have webcams turned on.


Stephen McAinsh is an agile coach and trainer with Calba. He strongly believes in focusing on people, influenced from his past experience as a personal development leader with charities Venture Scotland and Raleigh International, including four overseas expeditions.

He started his career in the 80s with HP who were pioneering new manufacturing techniques, many of which we term as agile today. He has led transformation programmes across Europe, Japan, and the US.

Stephen founded Calba in 2010 to focus on agile coaching and training in Scotland, and started Lean Agile Edinburgh in 2013.



Venture Scotland (Registered Charity No. SC013901) runs outdoor-based personal development activities for young people who face complex and difficult problems. They build their confidence and skills to empower them to make positive choices.

If you would like to make a donation, please go to www.justgiving.com and mention "Building Trust" in the message. Thank you!

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Started in June 2013, Lean Agile Edinburgh is an informal and social monthly meetup to discuss and share all things agile, lean, kanban, scrum, etc. At most meetups we have talks, workshops/activities or Lean-Coffee discussion sessions.