.NET Cambridge: Building modern applications with Blazor and GraphQL

• 18:00 - Networking & Quick Intro (Andrea Angella)
• 18:05 - Getting started with GraphQL in .NET (Michael Staib)
• 19:05 - Break
• 19:10 - Building modern applications with Blazor and GraphQL (Michael Staib)
• 20:10 - Closing

GraphQL is a great way to expose your APIs, and it has changed the way we think about consuming data over HTTP. Not only does GraphQL give us the power to ask for exactly what we want, but it also exposes data in a way that is more aligned with the way we think about data.

Over the last two years, GraphQL has become more and more mainstream. The ecosystem has grown phenomenally, and major players like Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, and more are all committed to GraphQL.

But what is GraphQL? What are the benefits of using GraphQL it instead of REST?

Together, we will look at the core problems that we are facing with the traditional REST service layers, which still power most of the Web.

After we have a better understanding of GraphQL, we will explore how we can build a GraphQL API with Hot Chocolate on ASP.Net Core. We will look at Prisma filters and how we can get your existing infrastructure under this new service layer. We will merge data from different sources like you did not think was possible by using the power of the GraphQL resolver concept.

Blazor and GraphQL combined will revolutionize how we build rich SPA applications with pure .NET.

Blazor, for the first time in years, gives us .NET developers the ability to develop applications that run in the browser. This allows us to use our knowledge that we acquired in the backend or desktop applications and use it in web applications.

GraphQL, on the other hand, changed how we work with data fetching. With GraphQL, the frontend developer defines how the interface between the frontend and the backend looks like. We no more have friction between backend and frontend developers and can iterate much faster.

Let us explore how we can put those two technologies together and change how we design our UI components. With GraphQL, we want to build reactive applications where the data is not static. GraphQL Clients are no longer just glorified HTTP clients but provide proper state management solutions to keep your components updated and make your applications work on- and offline.

Together, we will dive into what state management means and how we can merge remote and local state to let you focus on using data and building application experiences.

Let us together build a truly engaging next-gen application and push Blazor to the limit.

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