Fairer working conditions in Edinburgh Tech Sector: Unionising your workplace - mapping and organising

Hi everyone, it's been a little while since our last meetup but we're going to pick the schedule back up with a couple of sessions on organising your workplace, mapping a union and having those initial conversations with co-workers.

How do you start to unionise? What are your responses to people who are apprehensive? How do you pinpoint the issues and gather support? Get tips on these questions (and more!) and start to mould your workplace into a fairer and more equal space for everyone.

We're running two sessions - one in the afternoon (1pm-3pm) and another in the evening (6pm-8pm), so pick whichever one fits your schedule.

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Join an informal conversation about organising for fairer working conditions in the Edinburgh Tech Sector. This includes discussion about pay, benefits, equality, work culture, mental and physical health, etc - all ideas welcome.