Fairer working conditions in Edinburgh Tech Sector: Fairer working conditions in Edinburgh Tech (online)

Our regular meetings are on hiatus, but it's important to stay in contact!

This is a wild time for all workers in tech: salaried, self-employed, or freelance.

Let's have a casual meetup to share stories of home working setups, workplace treatment, and most importantly just to check in on everyone. Don't worry if you haven't been to a real meeting before - now is a perfect time to say hi for the first time.

I can also give everyone a quick update on conversations I've been having with a couple of coding co-ops.

We're using the secure, open source platform Jitsi -
Link - meet.jit.si
Password - ox184

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Join an informal conversation about organising for fairer working conditions in the Edinburgh Tech Sector. This includes discussion about pay, benefits, equality, work culture, mental and physical health, etc - all ideas welcome.