Flutter Scotland

This is Flutter Scotland's first meetup so we'll do a bit of networking and a reception with food and drinks (18:30-19:15). We'll then do an introduction to highlight why we've setup this Meetup group and what we hope to achieve - looking for wider feedback and input from attendees! (19:15-19:30).

We plan to have attendees who have recently attended Flutter Dev Europe talk about the experience and share insights that they've learned or found useful during the conference. (19:30-20:30).

Finally - we'll have a bit of time at the end for any Q&A and some further discussions / networking. (20:30-21:00).

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Attending: 1 person.

Flutter Scotland Meetup is the community in Scotland for people to learn, discuss, explore and share all things related to Google's cross-platform open source UI development toolkit for building natively compiled apps for mobile (iOS and Android) and web - from a single codebase.

We're trying to bring together all those who have an interest in mobile development, cross-platform development and want to learn from each other for the benefit of Scotland's mobile development community.

At our Meetups, we'll be looking to highlight ongoing Flutter projects within Scotland and regularly discuss / present new developments, processes, architectures and patterns in the Flutter and Dart platforms. We're always open to new topics and fresh ideas so feel free to suggest something if you'd like to present it or find out more about it.

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