dotnetsheff is a monthly user group focused on software development, particularly in the .NET ecosystem. We welcome people with interests in software development of all ages and levels of experience. Please get in touch via Twitter (@dotnetsheff) or email (organisers at if you or someone you know may be interested in speaking.

  • August session will be split into 2 talks, "APIs on the Scale of Decades" by Gary Fleming and "Performance in the Javascript Era" with Benjamin Howarth.

    "APIs are hard. They are pretty much ship now, regret later." -- Chet Haase.

    What do Greek philosophy, early video games, and Japanese bullet trains tell us about how we should design our APIs?

    Writing any old API is easy. Writing an API that can evolve to meet your needs over the coming months, years, and even decades; now that's hard. We'll look at some common practices and try to see where they go wrong, some misunderstood techniques and how to use them better, and some less common practices that might be useful.

    Let me give you some good advice that'll help you evolve your APIs, and some big ideas that might provoke some interesting thoughts.

    Gary is an agile provocateur, software nomad, and lean mercenary. His main hobby is to try and help companies to build better software in better ways. Sometimes this is by helping th...

  • Details to follow.

  • Octobers session will be split into 2 talks, "Elasticsearch? do I need it? and how do I get it working with my .NET code?" by David Betteridge and "Outside-In TDD" with Ian Russell.

    Outside-In TDD (AKA London School) is a TDD style developed and adopted by some of the first XP practitioners in London which begins with writing an Acceptance Test for a feature and test driving the code out to implement that feature by concentrating on collaborating objects and behaviour. This session will demonstrate some of the techniques required by this approach, help you appreciate some of the potential pitfalls such as over-engineering and an over use of Mocking and how it enables you to more easily write better Object-Oriented code.

    Ian is an experienced agile software developer with a keen interest in software craftsmanship and functional programming in F#. He is the organiser of Warwickshire.Net, a principles-focussed user group for the Warwickshire/West Midlands .Net community.