C++ Edinburgh

C++ Edinburgh is a meet-up for C++ developers in Edinburgh, Scotland. Join local C++ developers for great talks and some socialising and networking. Everybody's welcome, whether you've never touched a C++ compiler before or you're a metaprogramming genius. If you're interested, please come along to C++ Edinburgh!

  • Come along to C++ Edinburgh to chat with local C++ developers and see the following talks:

    • C++ Samples — Joseph Mansfield

    • Quiver: a cross-platform pseudo-3D game engine — Rachel Crawford

    • Learning C++ Isn't Difficult, Teaching C++ is the Trick — Christopher Di Bella

    Pizza and drinks provided! There will be directions to the meeting room at reception.

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  • Join us at a local bar/eatery to chat about C++ and get to know the local C++ developer community. Food and drinks not provided. More details coming soon.

  • Join us at C++ Edinburgh for some great talks and to hang out with local C++ developers over some pizza and drinks. More details coming soon.